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H-P Lehkonen, the author behind Patreon for Small Creators, Where to Promote Yourself? and Manage Your Time, Make More Comics (and the organizer behind Making Money from Webcomics) is about to finish his biggest webcomics guide package!
Make Webcomics NOW! is a collection of 8 ebooks that have all the information from his popular webcomics lecturing tours!

Before this the lecture material has been inaccessible to people who don't speak Finnish or who can't study comics in Finland, but now it's all translated in English and it's available anywhere in the world! All PDFs have a lot of real life examples of the topics and the text easy to read, not some academic jargon.

Here are the different ebooks you'll get!

1. Introduction - What is it that you REALLY want?
2. Social Media and Your Online Presence
3. Pitching to Publishers and Negotiating Your Contract
4. Crowdfunding from Kickstarter to Patreon
5. How to get seen? Marketing Tips to Small Creators
6. Go where Webcomics have never gone before.
7. Networking for the Shut In Cartoonists 
8. Time management and Self Care.

Make sure to preorder the guides! Make Webcomics NOW! is on sale, but only if you preorder it. After it's published, the price will be around 30€.

And while you wait for the launch, read the following free comics making guides:
Patreon for Small Creators
Where to Promote Yourself?
Making Money from Webcomics

H-P Lehkonen is a comics artist and a lecturer from Finland. He's been making comics since 2008 and he's been a full time webcomics creator since 2015. He's the author of two featured Webtoon series Immortal Nerd and Life Outside the Circle.
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